Hi, I am Jori. Building Artificial Intelligence (AI) products is what I do. I excel at starting projects at the bleeding edge of what’s possible, making the thing actually work well, and seeing it through all the way to production. Because that’s when AI can start making an impact and help people make better data-driven decisions.

I am an all-round senior data scientist with strong (machine learning) engineering skills. Recently, I’ve acquired a ton of knowledge on deep learning (in particular for computer vision tasks, i.e. convolutional neural networks), but nevertheless appreciate the simplicity of traditional techniques when they suffice. With more than 9 years of professional experience, I am able to take on a senior or lead role in any team, guiding and mentoring junior data scientists.

I’m available for a new project as of April 1st, 2020.

@Recruiters: Thanks for your interest, but I don’t require your services yet at this point in time.